Among every challenge and difficulty that I've experienced in my life, being a woman is one of the most challenging one.

I found many expectations along my way as a woman, as a 20-something girl, as a teenage girl, even as a little girl. It may seem that my environment is hard enough to live in, but hey, those expectations may come in a very soft way, according to my experience.

The expectations come with some standards and followed by comparisons, and here is the moment when things got complicated. For me, not everything should come with a standard and comparison, including being a woman.

"Can you be as skinny as her?"
"I have a ranking list of the most beautiful girls in this office." (Shut the f**king mouth, WE DON'T NEED ANY OPINION ON THIS!)
and many more.

So, the thing I want to state clearly here is: It is not wrong if you have some opinions toward anything, but please, please, please don't make that as a standard that goes to some unnecessary comparisons. For some people it is very hurtful. For others, it may cause some overthinking. For other people, they will be so sad and crying a river when the night comes.

If a woman decides to do some make ups, it is good for her! If this little girl wants to be an astronaut, a diplomat, an engineer, or a racer when she grows up, it is literally no problem! If a teenage girl decides to go to humanities school, law school, science school, or psychology school, please support her! Maybe in the future she will do something to help the others. If a woman decides to be a housewife, a full time mother, or a business woman, let her be.

Because in the end, we need to do the good things we believe in, we need to do everything we can to reach whatever we want to be. We are more than the "judgement" of others, we are more than what society thinks of us, we are more than those stereotypes.

As long as it is good things, good for you. Go kick some ass, go save the world, go be yourself.

Because every woman brings her own colour to the world and nothing to be compared about.


She loves and hates things wholeheartedly, has many many many random thoughts, and sometimes speaks her mind out loud.